Privacy Statement

Carolian Astronomy Society

In order to communicate with its members the Society needs to store a small amount of personal data for each member. This data will be stored only with the member’s consent. The Society respects the privacy of its members and stores this data in a manner consistent with the Government’s  General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Consequently it will keep members’ personal data secure and never divulge it to third parties. Members have the right to demand to see their personal data at any time by typing their name in the box below. The data will be sent within one month. Members’ personal data will be kept up to date and will be deleted if a member resigns from the Society. In exceptional circumstances a member may request to withhold his or her postal address, email address or telephone number. The member would then have to accept the consequence of impaired communication.

Please send me by post the personal data that the Society currently holds on me.    

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