Welcome to Carolian Astronomy Society in Kidderminster

The Carolian Astronomy Society (CAS) is based in Kidderminster, Worcestershire UK. Membership  is open to any individuals who support and wish to further the Objectives of the Society. We welcome new members, particularly the less experienced and newcomers to our fascinating hobby.

If you would like to email us please send to info@carolianastro.co.uk, or to speak to us please telephone 07821 896 304 (Michael Bryce – Chair).

Next Carolian AS Meeting:

David Hodgson (Society Member)

Wednesday 8th June at 7:30 pm at Oldfield Hall, King Charles 1st School, Comberton Road, Kidderminster. DY10 1XA.

Lecture Summary: Quasars appeared in the late 1950s as one of the great mysteries of astronomy. For decades they baffled the world’s best astronomers, and rightly so as the necessary physics had not yet been discovered. I aim to trace the progress of physicists, mathematicians and astronomers over 50 years or so until together they achieved our present understanding of black holes and hence quasars.

Biography: I studied physics and mathematics at the University of Birmingham graduating after six years with a BSc in physics and a PhD in elementary particle physics. Subsequent jobs included teaching physics in a girls school, acoustics research at the University of Birmingham, research in the wave problems of underwater acoustics at the Plessey Marine Research Unit in Somerset. I then spent the rest of my working career back at the University as lecturer and senior lecturer in mechanical engineering. This enabled me to maintain my research in acoustics and dynamics of structures. I particularly enjoyed developing new courses in dynamics and mathematics. Early retirement allowed me to indulge my lifelong interest in astronomy, though I have to admit that I prefer development work to freezing under the stars on icy winter nights.

Mary McIntyre FRAS – Shadows in Space and the Stories they Tell

Wednesday 11th May at 7:30 pm at Oldfield Hall, King Charles 1st School, Comberton Road, Kidderminster. DY10 1XA.

The lecture: “Shadows in Space and the Stories They Tell”– from shadows on Earth to shadows on the surface of the Moon we can learn a lot. But it doesn’t stop there; cameras on probes in orbit around other planets and their moons have taught us a lot just by studying the shadows visible there.

The Speaker: Mary is a keen Astronomer and Astrophotographer living in Oxfordshire. A popular Speaker to the astronomical community, Mary has been giving talks for many years speaking to astronomy societies, camera clubs, U3A and WI groups, schools and Beavers/Cubs/Scouts groups. She has spoken at many festivals both in person and online, presented a webinar for Sky at Night Magazine and have presented the Sky Notes at two BAA meetings. A full biography about Mary can be found here: https://www.marymcintyreastronomy.co.uk/biography/

Previous Meetings:

Martyn Filsak (Society Member): Weather, Above and Beyond

Wednesday 13th April at 7:30 pm at Oldfield Hall, King Charles I School, Comberton Road, Kidderminster. DY10 1XA.

Prof. Don Pollacco: The PLATO Mission – The Habitable Zone Explorer

Wednesday 9th March at 7:00 pm at Oldfield Hall, King Charles 1st School, Comberton Road, Kidderminster. DY10 1XA.

PLATO (PLAnetary Transits and Oscillations of stars) is a European Space Agency (ESA) M-class space mission, scheduled for launch in late 2026. The main goal of the mission is the detection of terrestrial planets at distances up to and including the habitable zone of bright, Solar-like stars.

Dr Steve Barrett: University of Liverpool – The LSST

Wednesday 9th February at 7:30 pm

Speaker: Pete Williamson FRAS “Moons of the Solar System”

Wednesday 12th January 2022 at 7:30 pm

Speaker: Paul Money FRAS FBIS “Why are There no Green Stars”

Wednesday 8th December 2021 19:30 to 21:20

This talk explores how we see and perceive colour and why, when we view the stars, there appear to be no green stars out there!

Wednesday 10th November: Stephen Tonkin “The Binocular Sky”

For details about binoculars for Astronomy please visit Stephen’s website at BinocularSky – Home

13th October 2021 at 7:30 pm: Prof Rene Breton (Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics at The University of Manchester) “Einstein’s Relativity: Tested to the Limit with Pulsars”

8th September 2021 : Dr Julian Onions from the University of Nottingham: “Aperture Fever: Does My Mirror Look Big in this?

July 2021

Carolian Astronomy Society AGM

New Committee for 2021 – 2022. At the Society AGM on 14 July a new Committee was voted in during a video conference. Details to appear on Society page.

June 2021

Dr Julian Onions with “Galaxies – One Gigayear at a Time

May 2021

Pete Williamson FRAS (Astronomer and Broadcaster) of Astro Radio: “Herschel to Hawkwind”

Astro Radio is a 24 hour radio station dedicated to Rock Music and Astronomy. Listen live here: astroradio.earth or ask Alexa for Astro Radio!

April 2021 Meeting: Professor Alan Fitzsimmons of Queen’s University Belfast

Meteorites: Revealing the History and Evolution of our Solar System. A .pdf file of the presentation slides can now be downloaded. Click here.

March 2021 Meeting: Robin Davies of Reaction Engines.

February 2021 Meeting: Dr Steve Barrett

Our February meeting featured popular Speaker Dr Steve Barrett from the University of Liverpool with two short talks. “Ancient Light” and “Just a Second“. The slides for these and other talks can be found on Steve’s website at: https://www.liverpool.ac.uk/~sdb/Talks/

January 2021 Meeting: Mary McIntyre FRAS

Mary presented a fascinating talk about producing Stunning Star Trail images on the 13th January. She went into great detail of how she produces the fantastic images she has created. Mary has provided a downloadable handout with details whcih can be downloaded here. She also hinted that she is a keen photographer of Lightning and she has provided a handout for this too which can be downloaded here.

Coronavirus Statement:

We await further governmental advice as to when social group meetings can take place once again.

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