Meetings 2015 – 2016

09 September 2015 David A Hardy Astro Art
14 October Nigel R Bradbury The Northern Lights Experiences
11 November Chris Ashman* The Language of the Solar System
09 December Professor David Evans:  (University of Birmingham) Recreating the Big Bang with the LHC
13 January 2016 Ben Evans (Spaceflight Author) The Challenges of Space Flight
10 February John Balcon* Astrophotography Image Processing
09 March Andrew Lound (Odyssey Dramatic Presentation) Mercury – A Relative Planet
06 April Dr Steve Barrett: (University of Liverpool) Dark Matter – Note – 1st Wednesday of April
11 May David Hodgson* Gravitational Waves
08 June Members’ Evening
13 July AGM and Social Buffet