Meetings 2016 – 2017

Carolian Astronomy Society

Date Speaker Theme
14-Sep-16 Guy Davies Solar Oscillations
12-Oct-16 Colin Steele Sundials
09-Nov-16 Mike Frost Jeremiah Horrocks – a very curious astronomer
14-Dec-16 Christopher Berry Gravitational Wave Astronomy and Black Holes
11-Jan-17 Callum Potter Globular Clusters
08-Feb-17 Graham Smith Univ of Birmingham Telescope or Gravitational . Lensing
08-Mar-17 Roy Huzzard, Chris Clifford Mining Asteroids, DIY Radio Astronomy
12-Apr-17 Various Beginners Night
10-May-17 Mike Bryce Exploration of the Solar System
14-Jun-17 Rhodri Evans Astronomy from a Boeing 747
12-Jul-17 A.G.M. And Social Buffet

Meetings held at:

The Science Centre

King Charles School

Comberton Road


DY10 1XA


Meetings from 7:30 pm until 9:30 pm


Unless otherwise advertised