Meetings 2017 – 2018

Carolian Astronomy Society

Meetings for 2017 – 2018 Season are listed below:

All meetings subject to change without notice.

Date Speaker Theme
13-Sep-17 Mark Townley Solar Photography
11 Oct-17 Dr. Steve Barrett The Great Moon Hoax
08-Nov-17 Dr. David Hodgson Einstein’s Happiest Thought Click the link to view Davids Lecture notes.
13-Dec-17 Dr. Christopher Berry, University of Birmingham Latest News on Gravitational Waves
10-Jan-18 Mike Frost The Rector of South Kilworth, William Pearson
14-Feb-18 Internal event to be arranged
14-Mar-18 Prof. Ian Morison Martin Humphries Lecture, The Art of Astrophotography
11-Apr-18 Chris Ashman Star Catalogues – A Guide for Observers
9-May-18 Dr. Colin Steele, University of Manchester Jupiter and the Trojan Wars
13-Jun-18 Mike Bryce, Paul Thomas, Roy Huzzard Members’ Projects
11-Jul-18  A.G.M., buffet and photographic competition