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The Carolian Astronomy Society (CAS) is based in Kidderminster, Worcestershire UK. Membership  is open to any individuals who support and wish to further the Objectives of the Society. We are a relatively new Society and welcome new members, particularly the less experienced  and newcomers to our fascinating hobby.


Partial Eclipse of the Moon Tuesday 16 July 2019

A Partial Eclipse of the Moon takes place on Tuesday 16 July 2019. Timings of the eclipse are below. More details can be found at www.timeanddate.com and you can also follow a live stream video oif the event from this web site.

Starts19:43 BST
Partial Starts21:01 BST
Maximum22:30 BST
Partial Ends23:59 BST
Ends01:17 BST

Total Eclipse of the Sun 2 July 2019

By Michael Bryce

The total eclipse of the Sun on 2 July 2019 was fantastic. I joined the expedition by Omega Holidays with Sky at Night Presenter Pete Lawrence. I took the following images with a Nikon D5500 camera and a Tamron 500 mm lens and Baarder film filter. On a tripod mount. Unfortunately I did not get the focus right on the camera.

Partial Phase after First Contact
Second Contact Diamond Ring
Totality with prominence on the left limb
Third Contact Diamond Ring
And a wide angle picture from my phone!

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