Mysteries of the Universe (Book)

A new book by Peter Altman is now available.

Mysteries of the Universe

I began working on this book over 10 years ago and finally, here it is.  Mysteries of the Universe – answerable & unanswerable questions consists of 14 main chapters, each formed as a question.  Here they are: Q1 How did the Universe begin?  Q2 Do other Universes exist?  Q3 How did Life begin?  Q4 How old are the Earth and the Universe?  Q5 Does alien life exist?  Q6 Could we travel to other stars and galaxies?  Q7 Is time travel possible?  Q8 Could we live longer?  Q9 How and when will the World end?  Q10 Is the future pre-determined?  Q11 Does prayer work?  Q12 Astrology: sense or nonsense?  Q13 Will we ever know everything?  Q14 The Creator question.